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Top 7 Tips for Home Based Businesses

Top 7 Tips for Home Based Businesses

Working at home has never been easier. Roll out of bed, get a cup of coffee, open your laptop, and get started. Right?

In theory, it sounds that simple, but in practice, it’s far more complex and intricate than most people think. Studies conducted by the Centre for Economics and Business Research and cloud computing company Vonage show that more than half of the business in the UK are home based, meaning that more than 2.75 million businesses are run not from traditional office spaces, but from the comfort of people’s own homes.

Home based-business is booming and on the rise. The apparent ease and flexibility if offers, however, can have somewhat of a backlash on inexperienced start-ups looking to make an impression on the market. We’ve put together 7 top tips for home-based business in Glasgow (and anywhere else) that can turn your business into one that flourishes and grows.

Stay Focused
This might seem obvious, but it’s nevertheless one of the most important elements of starting a successful home-based business. How easy is it to sleep in that extra hour, take a longer lunch, or have a few more coffee breaks than normal? Using programmes like Time Doctor can help you keep track of how long it takes you to get things done.

Rent out meeting rooms
This is a biggie. While you may enjoy having control over your own home office space, it may not always be the most suitable environment for prospective clients and business meetings.

When meeting a client, professionalism is key. They need to be able to trust you with their business. We therefore recommend that you rent out meeting rooms and office spaces for important meetings and reviews. This will allow you to maintain a professional image and maximize meeting outcomes.

These meeting rooms often come in all sorts of shapes and sized. Bizquarter, for example, offers a variety of different meeting rooms in Glasgow, from executive rooms to board rooms. Moreover, because you can book them per hour, you can use them when you need them, without having to commit to monthly tariffs.

Cloud, cloud, cloud
Cloud storage systems are an entrepreneur’s best friend. If you’re on the move, you need access to data, documents, and other information. A reliable and usable cloud storage system, like Dropbox, is crucial and will allow you to share files with your clients in a way that is both professional and functional.

Mix up your environment
Having a home-based business doesn’t mean you need to be home all the time. Oftentimes, people make use of cafés and libraries, both great places to get your head down and concentrate on some work. You don’t want to get cabin fever.

Have a schedule
Be strict with your working hours. Make sure to turn off your computer and reroute your phone to a voicemail when you finish. Working the odd hour extra here and there isn’t a problem, but if you’re consistently working 10 hours a day, you might need to make some changes. Working at home doesn’t mean you need to turn your home into a full-time business space. More than anything, you need to allow yourself to relax and enjoy areas of the house that aren’t strictly associated with your business. Having a separate home office will help with this.

Communicate efficiently
Communication is key for those who work remotely. Connecting with clients via Skype and Google Hangouts can be a great way to save meeting them face-to-face while still offering them the service they need.

Enjoy the freedom
One of the biggest secrets to enjoying success is to enjoy what you do. This is especially important for home-based businesses. Working from home should feel liberating and should instil you with excitement. Don’t make working a chore. The reason most people work from home is because it offers them something that traditional office spaces cannot. Make sure to embrace that and to enjoy it for what it is. If it means taking your dog on a few more walks or having the time to drop your kids off at school, then do that. And enjoy the process!

As with almost everything, working from home can be whatever you make of it. But with the use of a few useful tools, you can quickly turn a home-based business into a thriving and professional environment, away from the constraints of traditional office life.


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