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4 Factors to consider when picking a meeting room

Being in the right environment gives you the potential to have a successful meeting. Having the right meeting room can be the key to impressing a client, it can make meetings more productive and can influence how your clients see you   1 – Location

Meeting room tips to impress clients

Impressing a client is not always easy. However, focusing on the tiniest of details can lead to big rewards, which is why it’s important to be aware of the various factors that can influence how your client perceives you, your meeting space, and your business.

How to organise an effective meeting

Effective meetings don’t just happen; they are carefully planned. By taking the time to set up and prepare, you are actually investing in the outcome of your meetings. The key is to create an environment that is both stimulating for your participants and ordered enough

How to make your meetings more efficient

Organising Meetings Running a meeting that is productive for you and your company can be very rewarding. Having an efficient meeting can increase your team morale, build enthusiasm for the company and allow for a more productive workplace. Meetings that are underutilised can be a

How to brainstorm in meetings

Brainstorming should be a valuable part of each business. However, doing it right is a fine art, as a brainstorming session can easily transform into an unproductive free for all that people don’t take seriously. In this blog, we’ll take you through the best techniques

5 benefits of stand-up meetings

We all know that a useful and productive meeting can be a huge boost to creative thinking and business growth. But there are also ways that you can spread out your contact over the week to ensure that you communicate efficiently with members in your

4 tips to manage work stress & boost productivity

There’s nothing worse than having piles of work to do during the day and coming home, just to stress out about all the unfinished work and the catch-up process the next day. When this stress builds up, it can have negative effects on your work

The benefits of holding off-site meetings

There’s no denying it: the UK is a meeting-loving nation. Never before have we collectively held so many meetings and spent so many hours discussing and debating. But what on earth is the best way to have a meeting? And where do you go to

5 ways to increase productivity in the workplace

It’s one of the most elusive business questions of all time: how do you get the most out of your day and take your productivity to the next level? While this is in many ways quite a personal question, there are some important all-round tips