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Meeting room tips to impress clients

Impressing a client is not always easy. However, focusing on the tiniest of details can lead to big rewards, which is why it’s important to be aware of the various factors that can influence how your client perceives you, your meeting space, and your business. We’ve put together a list of meeting room tips that are guaranteed to impress any potential clients – read on for just a few of these vital considerations.

Enhance the environment

This is a crucial, but often overlooked, element of every successful meeting. Remember to open any windows to allow air circulation, make sure the lighting is right, and ensure that the room is clean and tidy. Above all, make sure any unnecessary materials, papers, and folders are out of sight so that the conference table looks clean and inviting.

Lead the meeting

As a client, you want to be led through a meeting in a thoughtful and logical manner. By taking initiative and providing a schedule and plan, you show that you have considered the purpose of the meeting and have prepared accordingly. PowerPoint Presentations certainly help with this – just make sure you don’t rely too much on the text and the slides. Allow for a certain amount of flexibility as well, as this can allow you to adapt to how the conversation is going.

Location is key

If you’re having a client over who is spending the night, you want to make sure that they are staying close to where your important meeting is going to be. A central location is vital if you want to send the right signal to an important client. Any clients that are commuting in to town from nearby areas also need to be considered. Ambiguous office buildings in industrial areas away from the centre are confusing, impersonal, often and send a mixed message. Here at Bizquarter, we pride ourselves on having one of the most accessible and central locations for meeting rooms and boardrooms in all of Glasgow – right in the heart of the financial district.

Breaks & Lunch

If you’re having a longer meeting, then you need to plan breaks so that everyone can recharge their batteries. These also offer you some time to relax and prepare for the latter stages of your meeting. Furthermore, these breaks can be a great time to catch up on a personal level and to have a more casual conversation with your client or your other meeting participants.

Again, being centrally situated with plenty of cafes and restaurants is important, as it will give your meeting participants options and will ensure that they come back feeling fresh and rejuvenated. It can also be a good idea to arrange for some sandwiches/snacks to be brought in – this shows your client you are well prepared and that you are investing time and energy into an efficient meeting.

Get Interactive

There’s nothing worse than a boring meeting. A client wants to feel like they’re a part of a conversation, and not just being dictated to. Getting interactive and using post-it notes during planning sessions is a good way to engage with your participants and get people involved in your meeting. Plus, it gets everyone up and moving about, which increases the potential for creative thinking and creates a more relaxed atmosphere. At Bizquarter, all our boardrooms feature an interactive touch screens and a large whiteboard, which can be utilised during brainstorming sessions.

Meeting Rooms Glasgow

Contact Bizquarter if you want to book a professional meeting room Glasgow. We provide a flexible booking system that allows you to book hourly slots, meaning our rooms will work for you no matter what your schedule is.