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The benefits of holding off-site meetings

There’s no denying it: the UK is a meeting-loving nation. Never before have we collectively held so many meetings and spent so many hours discussing and debating. But what on earth is the best way to have a meeting? And where do you go to have that elusive ‘perfect’ meeting? Well, it turns out more and more companies, start-ups, and small businesses are making use of off-site meeting spaces.

The benefits of holding off-site meetings are vast, but sometimes easily glossed over, so we’ve compiled a list of the greatest advantage that this tactic can have for your business and productivity levels.

Motivation and Productivity

Inviting participants to off-site meetings will boost morale and give participants a valuable pick-me up. Not only will they feel re-energised by the changing surroundings, but they will undoubtedly appreciate the fact that you’ve invested time and money into their development. This morale boost will ensure that they prepare for the meeting and participate fully. After all, a meeting is only as productive as the collective will of your participants.

An additional benefit of holding off-site meetings is that you use it as an opportunity to bring the people within your business together. The changing scenery and environment can be a great opportunity to interact with different people within your business. An intern might find it more appropriate to strike up a conversation with the CEO, for example. Similarly, you might find yourself sitting next to someone you don’t often speak to in the office.

If executed well, a good off-site meeting is an exercise in team-building and is a fantastic opportunity to bring some much-needed cohesion into sometimes fragmented teams. However, it pays off to go off-site even without these team-building elements. Off-site meetings help raise engagement level, and a recent Harvard Business Review study found that disengaged employees are 18% less productive and 16% less profitable. When done right, off-site meetings always pay off.


Multimedia presentations and interactive skype meetings are all well and good, but if you don’t have the equipment and technology necessary to make it happen properly, you’re often left feeling frustrated and embarrassed. Off-site meeting spaces often provide super-fast WIFI, along with TV’s, touchscreens, webcams, and everything else you could possibly need for your meetings. Whether it’s an important skype meeting with an overseas client or a pitch to your head office, you can’t really go wrong with a professional and well-equipped off-site meeting space.

Growing your business

Not only do off-site meetings help motivate your participants, but they are crucial in developing your business. Investing into a productive meeting means you are willing to invest in the growth of your business. If anything, it shows a commitment to good time management – all valuable skills if you really want long-term business success.

Change of scenery

Let’s be honest, one of the main reasons that people hold off-site meetings is because it gives you a valuable change of scenery. We went into this a little bit before, but it is worth exploring in more detail. There is nothing more demotivating than the same grey and drab office space. Sometimes, all you need is a little change to spice things up. Oftentimes, these off-site meeting spaces have been designed with your productivity and meetings in mind, which means you’ll no longer have to organise meetings at lunch tables or small, uncomfortable office pods. Furthermore, studies show that new surroundings stimulate creative thinking, which can be incredibly useful during brainstorm and strategy sessions.

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