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4 tips to manage work stress & boost productivity

There’s nothing worse than having piles of work to do during the day and coming home, just to stress out about all the unfinished work and the catch-up process the next day. When this stress builds up, it can have negative effects on your work performance and productivity levels. That’s why we’ve put together these 5 tips for managing work stress that will allow you to increase your productivity and eradicate unnecessary stress.


Make sure to write out a plan of all the tasks that need to be finished. Always remember to prioritise these tasks, along with a short indication of how long the task will take. This can help you analyse your productivity and will allow you to see which tasks are taking up too much time. Even five minutes spent at the end of your day can radically reduce stress levels and boost productivity. You’ll find yourself returning to the office fully aware of what tasks need to be completed and what order you should approach them in.

Take a break

It’s crucial that you take enough breaks. You need enough time to rejuvenate and reboot – a constant state of pressure and stress is not good for your health or your productivity. Make sure you get up and move around during your breaks, especially if you are sitting at a desk all day. Breaks can also help restore motivation and reduce tiredness especially if working on a long-term goal/task.

Choose a different environment

These breaks can also come in the form of a different environment. Finding a different work environment or meeting room space can help alleviate stress and helps you refocus on your business priorities. Professional executive rooms and meeting rooms can help boost productivity by providing you with the space you need to get the most out of your day. At Bizquarter, we specialise in providing meeting rooms, executive rooms, and boardrooms that heighten your efficiency. From the layout to the amenities available, we take productivity and meetings seriously. After all, investing in the right space to work is an investment in the quality of your work.

Break bad habits

Habits can make or break your output levels, depending on whether they are good or bad habits. Bad habits, like procrastinating, laziness, and over-delegating are serious blockers to maximising productivity. Stay on top of your workload by managing the most important tasks first. Allocating time and money to important meetings is also vital. By going off-site, you encourage participants to acknowledge the value of the meeting, rather than piling into another crowded office space. Invest in good habits, even if they take some time to feel natural, and you will notice your productivity levels rise.

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