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6 Productivity and Organisation Tips for the Everyday Entrepreneur

Being an entrepreneur is hard. First-time entrepreneurs can easily find themselves getting overwhelmed with day-to-day tasks. Entrepreneurs have to contend with inboxes, busy calendars, disgruntled employees and customers alike, along with a few other things. All it takes is a bit of planning to set these problems aside. Here are a few productivity and organisation tips for the everyday entrepreneur.

Establish time for yourself everyday

Running a business isn’t easy. A ton of things are always competing for your attention, such as company emails or meetings. Entrepreneurs will often find themselves overwhelmed by the demands of their business that they will rarely have time for themselves. This can cause an unnecessary amount of stress. Alleviate this by starting each day with time for yourself. Give yourself a few hours to go through your email and social media. Clear up the backlog and start out your day fresh.

Chat or converse instead of email

Long email threads can be a pain to navigate, especially if there are multiple participants involved. An easy way to get around this is by not relying too much on email. If you can, call people or talk to them in person if you want to get a simple message across. For long distance discussions, consider using Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp or other instant messaging services. Reserve email for more formal missives. You can cut time down by using more direct methods of communication.

Don’t be afraid to reward yourself

Don’t be afraid to give yourself a prize for accomplishing certain things. Giving yourself simple rewards can help you stay driven and focused. Most entrepreneurs make the mistake of never spending any money on themselves. Don’t follow their example. If you can, reward yourself with small gifts and rewards if you feel like you’ve finished a particularly challenging task. Always give yourself some downtime.

Plan for your business’ long-term success

Planning for the future is an essential part of being an adult. The same mindset applies when it comes to running a brand. Despite this, some entrepreneurs focus on short-sighted goals instead of planning out long-term goals for their brand. Setting up a vision of what you want your brand to be like in a few years is a great way to get started. Having a clear goal in mind and plans to go along with it helps you stay more organised. The more organised you are, the less likely you’ll get overwhelmed. Don’t be afraid to set long-term goals for your brand. Once achieving those goals update them or come up with new goals to grow your business. Having a clear vision of the future can help you in case you get stuck.

Use more checklists when it comes to repetitive tasks

Checklists are a great way to stay organised. They are very effective at keeping you on track. Including strict timelines on checklists improves how effective they are. Consider using checklists for repetitive or daily tasks. They are especially useful if you find yourself getting overworked and overwhelmed. Checklists help you understand the things that demand your attention the most.

Work in a café or rent a meeting room

Sometimes a new environment is all you need to clear your head. If you find yourself exhausted from working in your office, consider going outside and getting work done somewhere else. Cafes and meeting spaces are an excellent place to work as long as you have decent access to internet. A new environment can rejuvenate your interest in whatever task you’re working on. Working outside of the confines of an office can also help ease stress levels. Don’t limit this idea to yourself. Consider allowing your employees to work from home or from outside the office.


Being an entrepreneur isn’t easy. However, following these tips will help you stay motivated.

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