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Top 7 Tips for Home Based Business

Top 7 Tips for Home Based Businesses

Top 7 Tips for Home Based Businesses Working at home has never been easier. Roll out of bed, get a cup of coffee, open your laptop, and get started. Right? In theory, it sounds that simple, but in practice, it’s far more complex and intricate

Best Business Meeting Places In Glasgow

BEST BUSINESS MEETING PLACES GLASGOW Meeting Places Glasgow – Looking for a place in Glasgow to hold your next business meeting? Every business has to have meetings. But where you meet can make a big difference. Using your own office for a meeting is fine

The Psychology of a Successful Business Meeting Space

While most business meetings hold the promise of excellent productivity, many are unsuccessful. People go away from them uninspired and drained rather than enthused to win the day. If you’re in charge of creating the meetings for your company, you need to know how to

startup business

4 Essential Resources For Your Startup Business

Starting a business isn’t easy. You’ll be challenged by customers, vendors, and even the government. Since you are self-employed, you’ll end up paying more in taxes than if you worked for someone else because you must pay self-employment tax. Still, being your own boss can

How to Improve Your Efficiency in the Workplace

Are you efficient? Most people can increase their productivity and effectiveness at work. Like them, you might benefit from better organisation and prioritisation. Sometimes, to create a better business, all that’s needed are a few tweaks to your habitual way of working. Maybe you think

How to Start Meetings Effectively

Good meetings start before the first participant is invited. Preparation is the key to a meeting that is concise and effective – versus one that is simply a waste of everyone’s time. Let’s define a good meeting: It starts on time; it ends on time.

Where to meet clients when you work from home

Nothing says unprofessional quite like a sink full of plates or the sounds of arguing children. Can you really hold successful client meetings when your office is also your home? This article outlines the best and worst places to have meetings when running a home-based

10 Tips On Getting the Most Out of Business Meetings

Meetings can be time suckers, and if nothing gets accomplished during them, frustration may ensue. Not only does a company waste valuable time and money conducting business meetings that don’t produce results but employees will begin to loathe attending these functions. Here are 10 suggestions on