Following the COVID-19 Government Guidance we will have to reduce the capacity number in each of our meeting rooms to comply with social distancing. Please ensure when you are booking a meeting room you note the capacity changes.

These changes will also be reflected upon arriving and leaving our premises as well as in our waiting area.

On arrival at our premises please ensure to follow the distancing measures put in place for your safety and the safety of others.

Executive Rooms maximum of 7 people
Board Rooms a maximum of 6 people
Training Room a maximum of 12 people
Consultation Rooms a maximum of 2 people
Treatment Room maximum of 2 people

If you wish to book during normal office hours (9 am – 5 pm, Monday to Friday) please use the ‘Normal Booking Hours’ calendar below.


If you wish to book out of normal office hours please use the ‘Out of Hours Bookings’ calendar.


For both calendars select the type of room you wish to book at the top of the calendar.


You can then select the date, start and finish times, the numbers of rooms required and proceed to make a booking.


Normal Booking Hours




For full days booking you can use a discount code BQallday which will apply a 20% discount.